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Smart Layout Options

Our design team has full control from header to footer, either site-wide or on a per-page basis. This means that we can make your entire site share the same look and feel or create a unique look for every page.

Customized professional layouts for any business, organization, political campaign, personal portfolio whatever your can imagine we will create it or imagine it for you.

Unlimited Layout Options

From header to footer either site-wide or per page basis. This means we can make your site looks the same on every page or completely different on every pages.

Choose your header or let our design experts choose for you

Select a header/page design from 6 styles: block, horizontal, boxed-content, left-panel, boxed-layout, min-bar, or none.

Any Header Background

A background image, a solid color, animated color as above,  a slider, or even a video can be set, or have it transparent if you want. Our design team put you in full control.

 Choose your Typography

When we create a site we create beautiful typography baked into from site wide to individual pages, there are over 600+ Google Fonts that you can also select.


No matter what color you like, we got you covered. The theme comes with 15 pre-preset colors or you can pick your own color.

We control all Elements

Show/hide any element in the header and footer such as the logo, menu, social links, search form, etc.

Choose any Post Layouts

Our team can build any styles for post layouts that you can choose from: slider, full-width, masonry, grids, Polaroid, and overlay.

Animating Colors

We can design animating background colors anywhere.

Image Filters

We can apply Grayscale, Blur, and Sephia filters to your images without editing your original image source








Looking to showcase your work and services? Our design team can include an optional Portfolio that works seamlessly with all of the post layouts available for the blog posts.


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E-Commerce Shop

Want to sell something? Our team can set up an E-shop, which matches  your overall site appearance, creating a seamless e-commerce experience.

WooCommerce Shop

Okay Lets Go!

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