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putation management Uploaded by: Margaret Rose Participants: Ivy Wigmore Reputation management (sometimes referred to as representative management, online reputation management, or ORM) is the practice of attempting to shape a person's or organization's public perception by influencing online information about the same factor. The first step in reputation management is tracking leads to a person or business, mainly through social media monitoring and carefully crafted search queries. Social media analytics and similar search results processes help convey a snapshot of the current opinion of the person or business in question and then a campaign can be designed to address any problematic issues that have been revealed. PR campaigns may be conducted to increase the visibility of positive opinions or to reduce the visibility of negative opinions. One common practice is creating positive content snippets about a business to deal with negative organic content. Reputation publishes positive sections in sufficient numbers to make the negative interpretations less prominent on search results or social media sites. They may also join conversations, for example responding to tweets that complain about a company with comments that they had only good experiences to report. Although there are at least artificial ways to try to influence your online reputation, there is no way to effectively create a false impression with any lasting power. You can choose what information to share intentionally online, but you cannot control the conversation about you or your brand. According to a study by the Nielson Advisory Group, 53 percent of adults follow certain brands on the network and 60 percent of users on social networking sites write reviews on products and services. Given the number of people willing to discuss real customer experiences - and especially negatives - the only effective way to truly create a positive online reputation is through proper behavior. For people, the first and most crucial step in reputation management is limiting the information you have available on the web - be it pictures, videos, posts or comments - that you are comfortable sharing with the world for the foreseeable future. For businesses, the most effective approach to reputation management involves promoting the company honestly, implementing customer experience management (CEM) procedures, and actively managing with customers on the network.