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“Nothin’ But Net” is excited to announce the official kick-start of the “Free Throw Trainer” The invention of garage tinkerers Al Heystek and Andy Atwood will forever improve the game of basketball and it is as simple and effective as training wheels on a bicycle. The journey of the “FREE THROW TRAINER” began in 2005 when Al Heystek a basketball lover invented a simple little device that can improve a players “free throw” Now after eight years of testing and tinkering with his partner Pastor Andy Atwood the Free Throw Trainer is almost ready for market.

Al Heystek and Andy Atwood are on a mission to change the game of basketball and after over 5 years of trial error and testing the evidence is in, the “FREE THROW TRAINER” will forever improve the game of basketball which will eventually result in more exciting games with higher game scores by improving the free throw percentage of virtually any player something that has not improved in over 50 years among men and women, college and pro. that is a statistical fact as reported in the New York Times on May 3, 2009 the FREE THROW TRAINER is about to change that.

Like a sight on a rifle the FREE THROW TRAINER improves the shooters aim with a small flexible plastic sight placed on top of the basketball hoop giving the shooter a point of reference and thereby improving their aim. Like many great inventions the FREE THROW TRAINER was not invented by a large corporation or a sports pro, but rather by the hard work of two ordinary folks from Grand Rapids Michigan who are following a dream to improve the game of basketball, while their dream has been fraught with nightmarish twists and turns, falling victim to various inventor scams Al and Andy persevered and now have a working prototype with a patent pending from the US patent office.

The FREE THROW TRAINER now hangs in the balance and with it the game of basketball as Al and Andy attempt to get crowd-funding or find an angel-investor to get their invention off the ground. They listed their invention in a popular crowd funding site and is now featured at The clock is ticking and the campaign to raise the modest $4000. ends on April 15, 2013.Contributors to the project receive different rewards for participating in the project ranging from an official appreciation and listing on their website to cool t-shirts and working prototypes of the FREE THROW TRAINER.

This is what Ron Wyckoff of the National Basketball Shooters Association wrote:

“I feel the Free Throw Trainer will be a good learning device for beginning shooters or for correcting shooters with targeting issues.

Today, having adjusted to shooting at the yellow upright post, I made 147/150 free throws (98%).  I went back to the 3-point line and made 10 in-a-row.


I think this device does what it is supposed to do and will be a nice training aid for any shooter.”
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Al Heystek & Andy Atwood "Nothin But Net" website
Al Heystek & Andy Atwood
Nothin But Net” website
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